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What you expect when moving with us...

We bring the human touch to your move with friendly, polite and clean personnel. Our many years of experience in the moving industry comes through in our meticulous packing, loading, and storing procedures. Moving Pros upholds a full clarity business practice, no hidden fees and your point of contact will be with the owners for complete peace of mind.

"Your time and belongings
are precious to us"

(Owner of Moving Pros)

Moving Pros

Your moving family
Haim, Vicky &...

Why we are the best...

  • Our team is very polite and no smoking, littering, or rudeness is allowed
  • From the person who answers the phone to the movers, we are all friendly
  • The focus is to always deliver a clean and professional job
  • All furniture is completely padded and packed from all sides
  • We have over 20 years of experience
  • You can expect full clarity from the first point of contact
  • Every client gets our full attention from the very first point of contact
  • There are NO HIDDEN COSTS to worry about at all
  • "Your time is precious to us" as much as it is to you
  • We treat your things as if they were ours as well
  • If at any point there are any mistakes we take full responsibility for them
  • Haim (the owner) is always in charge


Phone: 1-866-230-9260
FAX: 1-818-671-3767

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